Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The Remains of My Weekend

My weekend is on Monday and Tuesday. I like having my weekends when everyone else is at work. I can be lazy, run errands or do whatever I need to do with little interruption. This past weekend was full of giggles, yarn and threads.

Mr. E and I made marshmallow snowmen for our afternoon snack. Mr. E got silly, put a pretzel stick in each end and called his snowman a bridge.
I finished a matching hat and cowl for me. I have a pair of gloves in the aqua yarn started as well.
Mr. E loves playing on my iPad ("apple ackpack", as he calls it). Yesterday I found a train game for him. He enjoyed the game while nibbling on cheese and crackers.
Our couch has a table in the middle. This is what the table looked like at the end my weekend last night. Amid the piles you will find my first aqua glove, a cross stitch project I'm working on, our family football pool sheet waiting to be finished for the week, a new book I received in the mail (Fabric-by-Fabric One Yard Wonders), a box of tissues and a cup of warm Wassail. And to make my time stitching on the couch more enjoyable, the TV remote and my phone.
What does your work space look like at the end of the day?

Sweet P

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