Thursday, October 06, 2011

What Would You Do?

On Saturday I celebrate my 50th birthday. Yup, that's right. The big 5-0. And I am ready. On Saturday I am going with Mr. E to his music lessons and then an afternoon with family. Dinner is not planned yet. On Sunday I am having a Craft and Swap Open House with a few of my friends and football on TV. I'm off on Monday and Tuesday too and plan to rest on those days.

Anyway, while daydreaming about possible birthday gifts I came up with a game for myself.

What would I do if someone gifted me $1,000? I tried to think of three different ways to spend the money:
The Practical Option: a new pair of eyeglasses and sunglasses with leftover money being used to fill my pantry.
The Somewhat Practical Option: I would turn our bed into a "hotel bed" with crisp sheets and wonderful duvet. Leftover money would pay the carpenter to build out our closet.
The Luxury Option: Since I am out of vacation time until February, I would take two weeks off from work and spend the time creating and playing all day long. I admit to missing the summer I had off from work three years ago and would love to be able to spend more time at home again.

I suppose you're wondering why I wouldn't buy any fabric, yarn or threads. Well, with my latest studio reorganizing I have found enough supplies and refreshed my memory with enough projects that I could stay busy for quite awhile before I need to go shopping.

What would you do with $1,000?

Sweet P


AnitaS said...

I wish yoy a very happu brithday with a lot of fun. I would choose the third option.

Bev C said...

Happy Birthday Paula, all the best for the coming year. If I was lucky enough to find an extra thousand I probably would take a little holiday. Enjoy your weekend.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog again so became a Follower.
I am having a hard time deciding what I'd do with a $1000 but it sounds like fun to have that decision to make!
Connie (formerly Cootie Bug)

Mad about Craft said...

Happy Birthday!!!

My 50th in 2 weeks! Yuk!

Erzebat said...

happy birthday! mine is on the 24th and I will be the double nickle. I would have caught up on a couple of bills and run amuck in Houston. never been there and would love to go. (mauh) Liz

Helen said...

Happy Birthday Paula. My 50th will be in 3 years time :) Enjoy spending the $1000! I answered your question here:
xoxo, Helen

Fiesta said...

Happy Birthday Paula. I just celebrated my 49th and like your first desire, I received designer sunglasses and glasses. Go for it. They are worth the money. I hope you get your wish.

Betweens said...

Like you i have enough of the fabrics and threads, I would get something memoriable.
maybe a piece of jewelery, it would be hard to decide now that I have pretty well everything that I need.
Happy 50th I know it will be a great year for you, since you are so ready and looking forward to it.

Lori said...

1,000 New front door.

2nd more fun choice--circle lord for my machine

All fun choice--go visit friends in TX