Thursday, April 21, 2011

Catching Up - Yes, I'm Still Alive!!

Knock, knock . . . is anyone out there? Does anyone still check my blog??

I didn't mean to stay away so long. The last several weeks have been unbelievably busy between work and family obligations and I've barely had time to sit down and write here.

I can also blame my absence on my I-Pad and my somewhat broken laptop. My laptop has become a desktop computer. The screen has stopped working so I have to keep it hooked up to a monitor so I can use it. That's where my I-Pad has taken over my Internet life. With Flipboard I can quickly scan blogs, but it's more difficult to write blog entries.

So, what has been happened here in Coffee Time Stitches land?

Well, earlier this month, Mr. E turned two. We had his birthday party here (actually it was more of a birthday weekend). Here he is with his birthday cupcake:
Mommy and I made fishy cupcakes instead of a cake for his birthday party.
For his family birthday dinner I made him a doggie, woof, woof, cake.
And just to show you little ones are capable of using an I-Pad, here is playing on mine. He loves the ABC and counting games I have downloaded for him.

I participated in the Easter Basket Swap hosted Paula and Alli. I crocheted an Easter Basket for my partner, Jen at Lipstick and Laundry.
This is what she sent me: Starburst jelly beans, a collection of butterfly and angel items, a cute bunny, Alaskan coffee and travel mug and a gorgeous wind chime. Thank you, Jen!
I'm hoping to get back on track with posting. This break was not planned and I missed blogging terribly. Stay tuned for more news from Coffee Time Stitches land.

Sweet P


Helen said...

Glad you are back. I was starting to get worried and was contemplating writing an e-mail. But you got in first. Hope all is fine.

Denise in PA said...

Hi Paula - glad you're back - I missed you! I just got an iPad and one of the reasons was so I could blog easier. Then, I found out it's *not* easy on the iPad. Bummer! But, I'm figuring out a workaround. o:)

Libby said...

Well, there you are *s* Life does have a way of getting busy. Glad to see you back.

Anonymous said...

Those little fishy cupcakes are adorable! I can't believe Mr. E is 2 and using an iPad already.

Milly said...

Those cupcakes are just so stinking adorable!

creativedawn said...

Goodness, I must have missed this somehow. Happy Birthday to Mr E. Phewwww, no wonder, he looks energetic and very busy....he is TWO! Lol...


Claudia said...

good to see you again....I got way behind in my blogging and my reading of blogs too...hope to catch up soon.

Lisa said...

LOVED the pictures and happy belated birthday to Mr. E!

Glad to have you back!