Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Toddler Tuesday and I'm Back!

Sorry to disappear for two weeks. The day after I got home from Disney I came down with a nasty flu bug that put me in bed for three days. Then the flu fatigue set in and all I've been able to do is work my shift and come home and go to bed. Today is the second day I've felt anywhere close to being fully human.

I'll tell you more about Disney later this week for now. For now, it's Toddler Tuesday and it's time to share a few of our adventures with Mr. E over the last few weeks.

By now you know Mr. E and I bake on Tuesday mornings. He knows when I head into the kitchen after Good Morning America, it's time to bake. A few weeks ago we made Chocolate Cupcakes. He loved them!
We had lots and lots snow in January.
After one storm he came over and helped me find my car.
Today we are making Whoopie Pies for him to bring to school. He had to share his Apple Jacks with some of the batter.
Thanks for those who sent e-mails looking for me. It's nice to know I was missed.

Sweet P


creativedawn said...

HOpe you had a lovely Valentine's Day and glad you're doing better! You two make baking day look like a tremendous amount of fun!!


Lisa said...

I'm sorry that the flu grabbed you. Yuk! I can hardly wait for Zoe to be ready to help in the kitchen after reading and watching Mr. E assist you!

Rhonda said...

Glad you're feeling better....looks like someone really enjoys his baking time...