Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Interrupt This Blog For Some Yarn

Some days I never know where my Muse is going to take me. DIL and Mr. E. came over to spend the day with Grampa Boo and I. She and I finished the baptism invitations for Mr. E's upcoming day. I asked her if her grandmother had found the family's baptism outfit yet and she hasn't. Her grandma has been ill and hasn't had a chance to look for the outfit.

Anyway, I decided that Mr. E needs a special covering for the day. As we were getting ready to leave the house for an errand my Muse decided I should crochet Mr. E an afghan for the baptism. I ran into my studio and pulled out my crochet picnic basket, found the baby afghan pattern book and thumbed through it. I found the perfect pattern for a baptism. My DIL approved the pattern and a stop at Spinning Yarn in downtown was added to the list of errands.

Crocheting was the first fiber art I learned from my grandmother. I'm a lefty and she was right-handed. She patiently taught me to crochet by having me sit and face her while she worked. Thanks, grandma!

I purchased six skeins of Plymouth Encore white yarn, came home and started Mr. E's afghan. By the time I went to the bed last night I had crocheted this far on the afghan and am already on the second ball of yarn. This is a quick and easy pattern and I should have the afghan done soon.
Here is a close up of the design.
Mr. E is getting bigger every time I see him (which is at least once a week).
Yesterday we started tummy time on his boppy pillow. He liked it for a while, then decided it was time for a diaper change.
This Tuesday will be my first Mr. E babysitting day. Oh, I bet we'll have lots of fun!

I hope you are having a great weekend!

Sweet P
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Nancy said...

The afghan is lovely. So very delicate looking. Very pretty pattern for a christening...

Fiesta said...

omg he is getting big fast!
I love the afghan you are making, it is going to be beautiful.
it is so nice to have people in your life that value what you do for them.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

The christening afghan is going to be beautiful. He is so CUTE!

Anne Heidi said...

Oh I love the afghan, such a perfect cover for his christening.

Kandra said...

Mr. E is a cutie! And that pattern is very delicate - reminds me of snowflakes :)

I found the rolling carts at Lowe's.

Solstitches said...

I love the crochet baby afghan. It's going to be so beautiful.
Lucky you to have been taught to crochet at an early age.
I have spent hours trying to learn from a book!
The baby is so sweet :)

YankeeQuilter said...

Beautiful afghan! I may try the cinnamon bread recipe on your other post!