Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sisters and Grandmas

Yesterday we drove from Sunriver, OR to Portland, OR by way of Sisters and Salem. I admit that I didn't plan on stopping at Stitchin' Post in Sisters, OR. I was more intent on making sure I made it to Grandma's Quilting Attic in Dallas, OR. I know that sounds bad. How can I pass up Stitchin' Post? Isn't it THE quilt shop to go to when you are in Oregon?

However, my body had other plans. I had to stop to use the bathroom in Sisters and since we were there I decided I couldn't pass up Stitchin' Post. I'm glad I stopped. I found this gorgeous gray and lavender fabric for my MIL's quilt. Since I've had a tough time finding gray fabric I purchased what was left on the bolt - nearly 4 yards. More than enough for her quilt.

I also found this wonderful pattern for a child's tent, sleeping bag and bag tote. With 5 nieces and nephews under 5 years old I immediately thought how cute these would be for Christmas gifts. DH agreed. We have this wonderfully warm comforter that is beginning to show wear, but is still usable. I've been thinking about making a duvet cover for it and this book is just the ticket to make one. With several patterns for duvet covers and curtains I can redecorate our bedroom in no time. They also mention their book Oh Sew Easy Pillows which I think I'm going to look for to go along with this book.

Three hours later we arrived in Dallas, OR and found Grandma's Attic Quilting. What a gorgeous little shop. The shop is wonderfully decorated and one could spend hours looking through every section of the store. I found these Aunt Martha transfer patterns and this heart charm with my name on it. I totally forgot to look for the Oregon greenwork patterns she carries. Oh well, I'll order it when I get home.

Grandma's had lots of fabrics on sale. I purchased a set of 10 FQs from Lakehouse (I think) for $13.50. Those are in the top 2 rows. The other 25 FQs were $25 for 25 FQs. So all together I got 35 FQs for $1.10 each. Not bad.

We arrived in Portland late yesterday afternoon. We hit rush hour/vacation traffic driving from Salem to Portland and it took us an extra hour to arrive in Portland. Last night we went to the Bite of Oregon - a food festival that is on the waterfront only a couple blocks from our hotel. We purchased multi passes so could use the festival as our lunch and dinner restaurant for the weekend. We also went to Portland Saturday Market this morning. I found a cute handmade bead necklace (see photo below). DH bought soap in a log. And we found cute reversible overalls for our twin niece and nephews.

Tomorrow morning we are meeting two quilters and their husbands for breakfast. They are members of my Redwork Yahoo group. I'm sure we'll have a great time.


Gail said...

Love the gray/lavendar, and you got a great buy on the fqs. Sounds like the perfect vacation!

Sharon said...

WOW~ Have you ever been on the go. Loved the narrative and the photos a lot - and thx ever so much for my wonderful needle case! It's in my "to go" bag at the moment waiting to go to the next stitch night, where my group will surely ooh and ahh over it!

Jeanne said...

I read your title and thought the post would be about your family. DUH!
I forgot where you live. What a great time you had.

Susan said...

Looks like some super shopping! Especially the FQs. Great that you found the perfect gray, too. Your husband must be a good guy. =) I love the necklace!

Judy said...

Sounds like you are having a great time! I am going to look for that tent, etc., pattern. What a fun gift for little ones!