Friday, March 16, 2007

Winter is Back

We are in the middle of a snow storm! Woohoo!!! I am snow bunny. I love the snow. I need the snow. And we haven't had enough snow here in New Hampshire. We are 30 inches behind our average snowfall. No wonder I've been so cranky lately! I told you I need snow. So forgive me while I do a happy dance around my living room. Then I'm going to snuggle under a warm quilt with some of new quilt books and a cup of hot chocolate and watch the beautiful falling snow.

DH was supposed to fly home from Dallas today. He couldn't even get out of Dallas because of the snow. So tomorrow I have to drive to Logan to pick him up and then he is leaving again on Sunday for the week. Not much quilting time tomorrow, but plenty of Sunday.

I received this lovely postcard from Linda. She belongs to one of my on-line groups. She does great work. Stop by her blog and say hi.


Susan said...

I love the postcard. She did a great job. I can't believe you are such a snow nut! LOL! Your husband is certainly getting a lot of travel in. Too bad you can't go to Dubai with him - a friend of mine was there and she thought it was fabulous. I guess that leaves you with plenty of sewing time, though.

Clare said...

Winter is coming back again her too. They are forecasting hail, snow and ice for Monday after basking in 20° Celsius this week. Bizarre!

Cynthia said...

so glad for you that the snow has arrived. Enjoy it. The postcard is very nice. I like the colors.

His Office, My Studio said...

I would love a bit more snow here before spring kicks in full swing.

Great Postcard!